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** Dr. Caspian is the sole owner/operator of this website. She has a private practice and works with adults in companies around the state.  All data/testimonials for this website were gathered from her adult seminars/events.

One of many volunteer activities that Dr. Caspian enjoys, other than dog rescue efforts, is teaching EI skills to kids.  These voluntary activites are intented to be educational/informational; no products are sold and no solicitation activites are engaged in at these events. 

eiPeople is a program developed to educate.  Emotionally intelligent people (eiPeople) learn about basic biological aspects of the human brain, as well as emotional aspects of those regions.  The three primary regions we focus on relate the brain stem, limbic brain, and pre-frontal cortex to reptiles, non-human mammals (such as dogs), and humans.  We also associate those three regions with the common street stoplight and its known meanings and colors. Additionally, eiPeople learn techniques to self regulate to facilitate the best possible decision making.

Below is a sample page from our workbook:


Feedback from seminar attendees:
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