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** Dr. Caspian is the sole owner/operator of this website. She has a private practice and works with adults in companies around the state.  All data/testimonials for this website were gathered from her adult seminars/events.

One of many volunteer activities that Dr. Caspian enjoys, other than dog rescue efforts, is teaching EI skills to kids.  These voluntary activites are intented to be educational/informational; no products are sold and no solicitation activites are engaged in at these events. 

Emotionally Intelligent People & 
Center for Creative Change, LLC

(This is an educational site ONLY, there are no products for sale)

     Educate Yourself           Improve Emotional Intelligence    Reach Your Full Potential

Welcome to eiPeople and the Center for Creative Change, LLC; we appreciate your visit to our website.  Assisting Emotionally Intelligent People (eiPeople) to sucessfully navigate their way through the challenges of life is the mission of the staff at the Center for Creative Change, LLC.

Emotional intelligence is as much a factor in success in life as informational intelligence, and with few exceptions, has never been taught to most adults or adolescents in their education; public, private, formal or informal.  

Becoming emotionally intelligent means that you learn how your brain and body work in a variety of ways associated with emotions. We focus on how the brain makes decisions and how to self-regulate your own brain/body in order to make wiser decisions at the moments of truth in life.

Transitions from child to adolescent to adult to elder   Relationship stress (parent/child, adult/adult)     School performance issues
Transition from elementary to middle to high school    Health crisis/cancer diagnosis                           Job performance demands
Crisis of faith/spritual beliefs                                     Recovery from a traumatic event (past/current)  Financial stress

Step 1 is to learn about our educational program, eiPeople, and become aware of how the brain functions and makes decisions.
Step 2 is to is to practice self-regulation techniques learned in eiPeople daily in common situations to make those techniques second nature.
Step 3 is to make the transition from a reactive brain to a responsive brain to reach your full potential and have a happier, healthier life.


Center for Creative Change, LLC

 About Us

We know challenges leave most people feeling off center, with a reduced capacity for creative problem solving.  When struggling with events (such as those listed) the staff at the Center for Creative Change, LLC are honored to offer our support to YOU!

Truth is, few of us face inevitable life changes with ease.  Emotionally Intelligent People seek trusted supportive guides to assist them as they recenter themselves. From a calm and centered space, Emotionally Intelligent People create the best possible solutions to their life challenges.

Dr. Elizabeth Caspian (psychiatrist/brain health coach/public speaker)  founded the Center for Creative Change, LLC in 2000.  At the Center for Creative Change, LLC we offer a variety of services and products to support you when facing challenges in your life. O
ur eiPeople Coaching Program is the latest life changing service developed by Dr. Caspian and Mr. George.

Serving motivated clients committed to personal growth is our pleasure. We look forward to assisting you to find the peace of mind that you deserve!


Feedback from conference attendees:
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